Vitex4 Equids Plus

Vitex4 Equids Plus being the first pelletized vitex product is a significant advance from powder and liquid preparations.

Vitex4 Equids Plus retains all the unique properties of the plant and includes additional sources (all from NATURAL FOOD INGREDIENTS) of the domaminergic amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine and DOPA.

[Insufficiency of dopamine is considered to be significantly related to Cushing’s Disease.

The only registered drug licenced to treat Cushing's disease is a dopamine agonist i.e. it is supposed to encourage more dopamine production in the horse.]

Vitex4 Equids Plus is HIGHLY PALATABLE; most horses and ponies will eat it from the hand.

Vitex4 Equids Plus can:

Be fed to older horses particularly the hairy or thirsty ones

Supplement the diet of stallions and mares during the breeding season

Supplement the diet of aggressive or uncooperative animals e.g. moody mare or “riggy” geldings.

Provide a sense of wellbeing in equids

The product is available in 7kg buckets including a measuring scoop.

For a free sample pack of Vitex4 Equids Plus please contact Equi Life on 01249-890784

How does Vitex4 Equids Plus work?

A large amount of research on Vitex has been carried out in Germany and according to Dr Rudolf Fritz Weiss, Vitex acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the "conductor of the hormonal orchestra" governing digestion, metabolic rate, reproduction, behaviour, growth and ageing.

It is known that Vitex can support the hormonal balance in horses.

Testimonial from Angela May, Shropshire

15.09.2013 Equi Life has had to edit some of these amazing testimonials, we are not allowed to tell you who enforced this upon us nor why!

‘’I'm in PR, so am automatically dubious when I read claims of mega results, but I am also horsey, so a sucker for anything likely to help my 23 years old Welsh who is ............................................(you name it, he has it...!!) I read one of your case studies (about a Welsh) in one of the equestrian mag's and invested in Vitex4 Equids which arrived this week.

Within 3 days people were commenting on how well our little pony looked; while he was moving better than he has been known to, he is now acting like a youngster! Today I have watched him showing our 4 year old how to do a flashy trot round the field, and throw in a fly buck or two! This is unheard of behaviour usually for him!

On bad days it can take him 20 minutes to walk from his stable to the field gate (a distance of 10 yards). Now, he is already through the gate and munching before I have even got a head collar on my mare, who is next in the turnout routine! I WILL be recommending Vitex4 Equids to others’’

Testimonial from Linda Bowman West Sussex

10.03.2014 Dear Equi Life

Had to write and let you know how fantastic we know your product Vitex4 Equids is.

We own a small 37 years old Shetland called Fudge, who was our children's’ first pony, just a month ago, and for the first time ever, ............

Received your product and within 2 days he looked more relaxed, he started to shed his coat (usually not until May / June) and his eyes were more alert. Our vet returned for booster shots on our other ponies so we showed him Fudge at the same time.

He commented that he had never seen such a change in so short a space of time (3 weeks between his visits) and asked what we had given Fudge, so showed him your products, which he studied and said he would have no hesitation in recommending to other such cases.

Cannot tell you how grateful and pleased we are, Fudge is walking happily, coat is shiny and coming out well and he looks bright eyed, plus eating well again. Went out yesterday in the small schooling paddock behind our stables for the first time - so much better all round and back to his noisy self, calling to the others in the adjoining fields.

Many thanks again - Linda (and Fudge).

Testimonial from Loren Ovall

Equi Life has had to edit some of these amazing testimonials, we are not allowed to tell you who enforced this upon us nor why!

I just wanted to provide some positive feedback regarding Vitex4 Equids. My 14.1 Welsh Section D mare called Daisy who has just turned 16 in May was diagnosed with ............. in 2005 and then 2007.

She has a terrible reputation for being grumpy and a loner in the field. When you enter her stable, change rugs or groom her she would kick and bite you. This has been going on for years. I have tried every herbal concoction on the market so was sceptical when I read about Vitex4 Equids.

However, the transformation has been so incredible that it’s like aliens have come down and kidnapped Daisy and replaced her with another pony called Dotty! She has started to integrate with the other mares, she is happy to see me in the evenings when I go to get her in, there is no more kicking or biting when I groom her or change her rugs and she seems generally more relaxed and happy.

So – I will be pumping Daisy with Vitex4 Equids for the rest of her life as I don’t want to lose this sweet little pony

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