NoMetSyn is a blend of natural plant extracts which has been developed at our podiatory clinic to supplement the diet of horses and ponies.

NoMetSyn is a powder, to be mixed with the feed.

Feed 6.4gm/200kg bodyweight/day for 7 days
then 1.5gm/200kg bodyweight daily thereafter.

A 5ml scoop is provided with each tub.
A level scoop holds 1.8gms NoMetSyn.
A 200gm pot will last a 300kg pony 66 days.

Testimonial from Louise Willis, Grimsby.


"I would like to thank you for the product NoMetSyn on behalf of my 15h PBA Tyson who has had chronic ............. (Equi Life has edited this lovely testimonial in order to avoid making medicinal claims) since last September.

He is now on Day 9 of the product and since Day 2 has not had a single dose of Danilon. He has had up to four sachets daily since his ......... started in September. He has it in all four feet, worse in one front. He never exhibited the classic symptoms but has been “footy” with a bounding digital pulse and the vet and farrier all felt he would come sound in a few weeks as the attack seemed mild.

He is now able to canter around his stable, something he has not done for such a long time and can have his feet picked out without flinching. His feet feel cool to the touch.

My vet is flabbergasted by the sudden and dramatic improvement. Extensive blood tests had been inconclusive and as he is only 11 it was felt unlikely he had Cushing’s disease.

My farrier cannot believe he can stand to be trimmed. Formerly he could barely stand even though on deep shavings and had to keep changing feet. We are fans of your products, having used Formula4Feet successfully but we really cannot believe how NoMetSyn has given him such a new lease of life, literally!"


"It is amazing how Tyson has improved so dramatically since the first day of receiving NoMetSyn. He has been shod every four weeks and will stand now on the concrete without any problems. His feet are almost hoof shaped again! He is now out 24/7 unless it rains. He is on a scratch paddock about 20 x 40m next to his pals and has company in the day so he can groom and gallop around. He has 2lb hay morning and night, 1lb Dengie High-Fi molasses free with his NoMetSyn and Formula4Feet daily. He has also lost an amazing amount of weight, something we have struggled with, he lost only 20kg over 32 weeks but has lost nearly 90kg since the NoMetSyn and being outside. He is a fabulous mover and it is amazing to see him floating around his paddock again. I never thought he would recover but this product has turned the corner for him, it cannot be co-incidence as he had been so bad for so long.

Tyson has a future at last!"

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