TLC Frog Supports

Frog Supports (now available coloured black) are an essential item for every stables first aid kit. When you need them it may be too late to go and buy them. Experience has shown that 80% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when Frog Supports are fitted to the affected feet.

The above picture shows where to fit the frog support; NB this one has been stuck to the frog for demonstration purposes only. Frog supports have to be bandaged on to the feet according to the following illustrations:







Testimonial from Ms DW, Veterinary Surgeon, Glos.

Since launching TLC Frog Supports, we have received numerous good reports from veterinary surgeons who have used them in practice: here are some of their comments;

"I fitted your frog supports to a pony with acute laminitis. She was much more comfortable immediately and went on to make a full recovery".

Testimonial from Mr RO, Veterinary Surgeon, N. Yorks.

"I didn't think your Frog Supports would be man enough to help a big Cob with laminitis I used them on. However I was pleasantly surprised, I think they helped prevent him foundering".

Testimonial from Mr GD, Veterinary Surgeon, Aberdeenshire.

"I am impressed with these supports Robert, we see a lot of laminitis cases here in Scotland. Since I used them on my first few cases to good effect, they have become part of my standard treatment for all laminitis and founder cases."

Testimonial from Mr AW, Veterinary Surgeon, Warwks

"The thing that surprised me about these supports is how simple they are to fit and how well they stay in place."

Testimonial from Mr BG, Veterinary Surgeon, E. Sussex

"I have used your Frog supports on small ponies and despite the fact that the support extends outside the area of the Frog, this doesn't seem to cause any problems due to the nature of the material. They have made all the ponies more comfortable AND they don't rub the heels like some older products."

Testimonial from Christine Evans

"Frog Supports were received on Friday 10th September 2004 purchased due to my little Shetland, Toffee, having a bacterial infection, which triggered only his second case of laminitis in 16 years!

He was very poorly Friday with much reluctance to even want to walk, so applied them first thing Saturday morning and they appeared to offer almost immediate standing relief. Upon returning from Blenheim Horse Trials he looked much more comfortable and Sunday he was a different little pony. Full of vitality and his usual 'bolshy' personality it was pleasing to have him back to a relatively normal state - I cannot believe the change in him in such an instance and particularly after a day's comfort. I think the Frog Supports are absolutely fantastic and would like to say thank you.

I do however, appreciate that it is going to take him a little while to recover properly, but this invention has made it more bearable for him thank you for all your hard work towards dealing with Laminitis.

I thought it important to provide feedback and please feel free to use the testimony as much as you wish.

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