Case Study 2

Hi Equi Life, I can now confirm without any doubt, that Vitex4 Equids has made a huge change to my mare’s behaviour. Over the past 6 months I have carefully monitored her attitude with Vitex4 Equids and without it. The difference is considerable and my little mare, once dubbed Lilli Savage by my farrier for her bad attitude is now known as Sweet Pea and is happy to receive kisses from all her admirers. Lilliburlero was a touchy, defensive and rather irritable young lady who was happy to use her teeth to make a point. Despite sensible handling and the obvious mellowing effect that growing up has, she had remained a rather difficult mare. Since including Vitex4 Equids in her feed, I now have a happy, sweet and easy horse. I attach some photos of my delightful homebred mare, now just 6. Thornhill Lilliburlero. Morgan x trad cob. A real star who loves her work and has a huge future ahead of her.

I still have my veteran mare, Polly (25yrs) on Vitex4 Equids. I stopped it about four years ago in a cost saving effort and she promptly went down with .......... (Equi Life has edited this wonderful testimonial in order to avoid making medicinal claims). Although this was later found to be due to a liver problem, once back on Vitex4 Equids she recovered well and is now back in full work despite having been severely lame in all four feet.

I have recommended your product to all my friends and they too have been very pleased with the results.

Thank you again for this excellent product. It is always in my feed room and the mares have it daily.

Kind regards

Ginnie Jones

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