Case Study 3

This pony shows a localised area of Mud Fever and crusting of the dependent periople.

The surrounding hair was clipped off as close as possible to the affected area without objection from the pony. The hair over the lesion was crusted with scabs and serum. He resented further intrusion!

Solution4 Feet was applied topically ONCE by rubbing in with an ungloved finger. No other managemental changes were made.

Here is the same pastern after just FIVE days, and only one application of Solution4 Feet.

After clipping the hair it is evident that the scabs have all disappeared and the underlying skin has completely healed.

The ring of perioplic horn below the coronary band appears less crusted and of a more normal appearance.

Solution4 Feet is gentle enough to be applied straight on to even broken skin. Ensure that you have shaken the bottle before pouring a small volume into the palm of your hand or the lid of the bottle. You can use your fingers or a brush or cloth to apply Solution4 Feet.

The sustained release properties of Solution4 Feet mean that you can be confident it is working without the need to reapply it daily, or every time your horses’ legs get wet. The strong antioxidant and disinfectant properties of Solution4 Feet will soon restore a healthy skin covering. Being oxygen permeable Solution4 Feet will not create a pathogen friendly anaerobic environment, unlike old fashioned oils and greases.

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