Case Study 8


"Dear Mr Eustace, I have just started my first bucket of Formula4 Feet on my Irish Draught cross TB, Busby. And thought I should write to say what a terrific product my horse thinks this is. Due to flat feet and poor horn quality Busby has been fed ******** ******* (product name removed by Equi Life for legal reasons!). Over the years, I have had to invent and reinvent different ways to disguise the taste (including grinding it into a powder and putting on a slice of bread!) just to avoid Busby "filtering" this expensive supplement to the stable floor. Needless to say I am delighted that the apple flavouring in Formula4 Feet is clearly so appetising - he positively jumps out of his stable to get his daily dose. I should also say that at £34.99 for a 7kg bucket (84p a day) (76p per day if you buy the 20 kg sack) it is also great value compared. I'm now looking forward to the promised long-term effects and hopefully a stress-free winter with a reduction in the loss of shoes. (This was posted in September 2004, Busby has not lost a shoe since he started on Formula4 Feet) Thank you again - looks like you've got a winning product! Attached pictures of Busby. Heidi Brunsdon"

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