Case Study 3

1. This 22 years old Thoroughbred has had "bad feet" since he began training as a 2 years old. His horn quality was so poor that he only went to the races once and finished tailed off. During the next 8 years he was used as a hack for general riding purposes. Even that he could not cope with, as his time in training had left the pedal bones of both his front feet with peripheral demineralisation. This syndrome goes under a variety of names in orthopaedic textbooks.


He then suffered an extensive horn infection which required a large area of his hoof capsule on both of his front feet to be resected. This laid him up for several months. Thereafter, he has remained sound only with careful, regular farriery attention. However his hooves were never strong and his feet have always had a tendency to splay or flare over his shoes. He has never had strong heels, on the contrary, they have remained collapsed for the last 15 years, during which time he has been fed the, then current, country's leading hoof supplement every day. Two months ago this product was replaced by Formula4 Feet, no other management or feeding changes were made. After only two months of receiving Formula4 Feet, the farrier commented "What have you done to this horse's feet, they are much stronger to nail to and more "up together"".


Farriers are not always easy to convince of the benefits of hoof supplements, this one made his complimentary remarks when unaware of his change to Formula4 Feet!


His hind feet improved so much that he was able to go without shoes. After 15 months of receiving Formula4 Feet he can now go without shoes all round, something he has not been able to do since he was a yearling.

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