Formula4 Feet helps ponies with poor quality horn and laminitis

“I came across Formula4 Feet five years ago when I acquired a laminitic-prone pony for my son to ride. The pony was lame on and off and it was a constant battle trying to keep his weight off and keep him sound enough to ride. I researched products that might help me keep on top of the laminitis and decided to try Formula4 Feet based on its nutritional make up and all the testimonials I read recommending it. Coupled with feeding this daily, I took the pony, Crunchie, off all hard feed and created a hard standing area for him in a pen. While it didn’t happen overnight, three months later, this pony was totally sound and his feet were improving all the time. Now that he has good strong feet, he is no longer lame or pottery.

As a consequence of this success, I decided to start feeding Formula4 Feet to all four of my horses when they began to have foot problems. With one horse having badly cracked hooves and constantly losing shoes, and another having weak underrun heels, I knew this was a product that would help me achieve consistently good horn growth. Formula4 Feet clearly has the nutrient balance at exactly the right levels as I have seen my horses’ feet improve in a way I would not have imagined possible. All four horses, three of which are competing in dressage and show-jumping, are barefoot now as they have strong healthy hooves. It took time for the new hoof to come through but within six months I had taken all the shoes off and it was worth the wait. “



12 months after

Sole LF before

Sole LF after

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