Acute foundered mare returns to health and wins Championship after treatment at the Laminitis Clinic

1. Hettie was admitted to the Laminitis Clinic in a sorry state. She was very sore on her right fore. Her owner, Sue, was very upset and worried, she had been told that Hettie might have to be put down; not an unreasonable prognosis as she was starting to shed her hoof.

2. Hettie had not only foundered downwards but also sideways.

3. The top of the inside wall of her right fore was pressing deeply into the skin above her coronary band, to such an extent that it was cutting off the blood supply to the underlying tissues.We removed the constricting top of hoof wall to allow the blood supply to re-establish and nourish the damaged skin, coronary band and laminae. The wall below the lesion was removed to prevent any upward pressure on the damaged tissues and TLC Frog Supports were fitted to both front feet to reduce the strain on the laminae and improve her comfort.

4. When tissue has been killed it cannot grow straight back as skin and hoof, it has to regenerate by forming an intermediate tissue, granulation tissue, which is what you can see in the pictures on the right. The whitish areas are where new horn is forming as islands within the granulation tissue. These islands of new horn enlarge and coalesce.

5. The foot was reguarly tubbed to keep the regenerating tissue clean.

6. The horny tissue is gradually replacing the granulation tissue.


Hettie was fed Laminitis Trust Approved Feeds supplemented with Formula4 Feet. With careful nursing she began to heal. At the Laminitis Clinic we tend to see the most severe cases. When horses’ lives are at stake we only use products which consistently give us the best results; TLC Frog Supports and Formula4 Feet.

8. Hettie is now sound and Sue is starting to have fun riding her around Lancashire.


16th December 2008 by email Hello All Just to let you know our great news. My granddaughter has started doing dressage this year on Hettie and she qualified for the prelim North west Prestige championships on 29th November then qualified for the supreme championship on 30th November and to our surprise and delight she won it. Hettie has come on in leaps and bounds since her terrible experience with Laminitis. But only for your dedication to dealing with Laminitis I would not be sending this email today. I will be forever grateful for giving Hettie her life back. Look out for the post I have sent you a photo of the occasion and hope you will be as proud of Hettie as we are. Regards Sue Now, if Formula4 Feet can help Hettie get back from the mess she was in, imagine what it can do if your horse just has a few hoof cracks, poor horn quality, collapsed heels or can’t hold shoes for six weeks. Not only is Formula4 Feet the best hoof supplement available but it also provides over 65 micronutrients making it the most comprehensive supplement and feed balancer.

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