Equi Life is based at Dauntsey in Wiltshire, sharing a home with the UK's first podiatry clinic. The staff you talk to on our phone lines not only offer you an efficient service but have “hands on” experience in dealing with the cases which are treated at the clinic. This enables us to provide you with a unique professional service based on the day to day problems encountered with horses from all over the country.

Robert Eustace is a veterinary surgeon who spent nine years in equine practice in the UK, Eire and Australia before returning to Liverpool University as a lecturer in equine studies. Robert has postgraduate qualifications in equine practice and equine orthopedics and was awarded the Diploma of Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for his thesis “Radiological measurements involved in the prognosis of equine laminitis”. He is the author of “Explaining Laminitis and its Prevention” which has sold over 12,000 copies and is regarded as the horse owner’s bible on laminitis. In 1998 he founded the Laminitis Trust as a registered charity whose purpose is to raise funds for research into laminitis. The Trust has established a feed approval mark to help horse owners identify feeds which are safe for the laminitic. He established the clinic, the UK’s only specialist treatment and advice centre for equine hoof disorders.

Sue Emery has worked for Robert since the clinic was established in 1988. She has nursed all the horses and ponies which have been treated at the clinic and is in a unique position to offer advice on the subject. As Equi Life evolved she has developed into a multi-talented right hand person who is responsible for the smooth running of the offices and the clinic.


Equi Life Ltd, Mead House
Dauntsey, Chippenham
Wiltshire SN15 4JA

Telephone: 01249 890784
Email: info@equilife.co.uk

Company Reg No: 3506544 Registered address above.
VAT Reg No: 520 1049 08.




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